Indirect Taxes

  • Value Added Tax (VAT)/Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  • Luxury Car Tax (LCT)/Wine Equalisation Tax (WET)
  • Excise Duty and Fuel Tax Credits
  • Taxation Administration

and Mining and Petroleum Royalties.

Responsible for the ATO’s technical leadership in relation to indirect taxes until January 2014, and a former indirect tax partner at KPMG, Robert Olding has been recognised as one of the foremost experts in indirect tax in Australia.

He was closely involved in many of the leading GST litigation cases, public rulings and legislative amendments and has also advised and drafted amendments for governments internationally.


Robert Olding Services is able to assist with:

  • Policy and legislation development
  • Legislative drafting
  • Advice and opinions on technical issues/second opinions
  • Strategic advice
  • Advice or second opinions for practitioners*
  • Submissions, reviews of submissions
  • Private binding ruling applications
  • Objections
  • Applications for review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
  • Neutral evaluations
  • Mediations and conciliations
  • Training

*Note for accountants and lawyers:  you can refer indirect tax matters with the assurance that your client relationship will be respected and maintained.  Robert Olding Services does not provide legal or accounting services or income tax/FBT return preparation or advice services.

Important note:  Robert Olding will always protect his credibility and reputation for integrity.  Robert Olding Services is prepared to take a position contrary to an ATO view – transparently and with a clear understanding of the potential consequences – if it is considered to be the preferable view.  However, taxpayers or practitioners looking for assistance in devising schemes to avoid tax are advised to seek assistance from independent counsel.


Fees are negotiated according to the complexity and significance of the matter, and the commitment involved, either on an hourly rate or fixed fee basis. For neutral evaluations, mediations and conciliations, the usual practice is for fees to be shared equally by the parties.

Robert Olding Services - Indirect Taxes
Robert is widely recognised as one of Australia’s top GST experts. Second Commissioner of Taxation (retired)