Executive Assurance and Mentoring

Robert Olding has had a unique range of professional experience, holding senior positions in both the private sector, as a KPMG Partner, and the public sector, where he held various senior executive positions at the Australian Taxation Office, retiring from the position of Chief Tax Counsel in early 2014.

The position of Chief Tax Counsel, and his earlier role as Deputy Chief Tax Counsel, Indirect Taxes, are very senior positions – at the Senior Executive Service (SES) Band 2 level in the Australian Public Service structure, the equivalent of First Assistant Secretary level and the most senior APS positions located in Queensland.

In these and other roles as Assistant Commissioner (Senior Tax Counsel), Robert gained strong experience in administrative and statutory decision-making, governance and strategy in a regulatory and service environment. Complimented by his commercial experience as a KPMG partner and his legal and mediation skills, this unique mix of experience is invaluable in providing assurance and, importantly, knowledge transfer, in a variety of contexts.

More recently, Robert commenced serving as a sessional member of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) and as a member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Panel of Experts (Legal – Taxation). He has also undertaken significant engagements for government agencies, overseeing key statutory decisions and providing strategic oversight of litigation programs and legislative amendments.


Robert Olding Services Pty Ltd is able to bring these high-level skills to bear in a range of engagements, including:

  • Advice and assurance regarding statutory and administrative decision-making
  • Oversight of key decisions and projects
  • Independent member/adviser on governance committees and other bodies
  • Senior executive locum services
  • Oversight or advice on strategic litigation and legislative amendment projects
  • Mentoring and coaching key staff


Fees are negotiated depending on the complexity of the matter and the commitment required. Whether on an hourly rate or fixed fee basis, “no surprises” is a key principle.

“A unique mix of high-level public and private sector experience, providing assurance for your important statutory decisions and executive projects . . .”

We are very grateful for your assistance with our project, Robert.  You were always professional, responsive and proportionate to our needs.  Your high quality advice and technical assurance gave us necessary comfort in what were often complex matters. I will be very happy to recommend you to other officials needing assistance with important technical projects. Director

State Government Department