With unparalleled, high-level experience in both the public and private sectors, Robert Olding Services Pty Ltd provides credible, cost-effective services in the following areas:

Executive Assurance and Mentoring

Executive Assurance and Mentoring are available for revenue offices and other government departments and organisations requiring executive oversight of statutory decision-making, strategic litigation management and other projects. Read more.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Mediations, conciliations or other ADR processes for tax, regulatory and commercial disputes. Read more.

Indirect Taxes

Expert advice, representation, policy and legislation development and legislative drafting in relation to indirect taxes, including Value Added Tax (VAT)/Goods & Services Tax (GST) and Excise Duty, as well as Mining and Petroleum Royalties. Read more.

Training and Coaching

Public Speaking/Presenting for Introverts – This is one of Robert’s passions and these workshops are offered at very competitive pricing.
Effective Writing – One-on-one/small group coaching directly focussed on current writing projects.
Executive CoachingParticularly suitable for staff transitioning from technical to leadership roles.
Customised Training Services – We provide other training services customised to your needs.

Robert Olding Services is based in Brisbane but provides services throughout Australia and internationally.

Robert Olding Services, Executive Assurance and Mentoring, Indirect Taxes, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Training and Coaching

Do you need an experienced senior executive to:

  • Oversee an important statutory decision or other project?
  • Mediate a dispute?
  • Oversee your strategic litigation program?
  • Coach key staff transitioning from technical to leadership roles?

If  so, contact Robert at Robert Olding Services.

Training Currently Available

Public Speaking/Presenting for Introverts presented by Robert Olding Services

Public Speaking / Presenting for Introverts

Short (2 hour) workshops.
Your premises.
Introductory Cost (SE Queensland): $650 plus GST per session (not per attendee).

Customised training with Robert Olding Services

Customised Training Services

We provide other training services customised to your needs e.g. principles of statutory interpretation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for tax and other government disputes.

Contact Robert to discuss
at Robert Olding Services.

Effective Writing

Effective Writing

One-on-one/small group coaching. 
Cost: negotiable.